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The non-state actor besides the Civil Society, is the Private sector which forms another important part of society and its governance. It is usually a results oriented profit-driven sector which tends to be more efficient in outlook. CHF enters into partnerships with Private Sector actors when the conditions make it necessary.

Notable among the private sector actors is HFC Bank, with whom CHF established the BOAFO Loan Scheme as aminority shareholder to provide innovative and affordable microfinance products to the Urban Poor. Most of the Housing Facilty Improvement Loans that were accessed for the construction of Elevated Compost Latrines, Roof Repairs and Water connections were financed through BOAFO Loans.

Also, in the drive to improve sanitary conditions in the slum communities, CHF entered into partnership with ZOOMLION, the leading Solid Waste Management Company in Ghana in the implementation of the Door-to-Door Collection Project.

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